As consultants and advisors, New Seasons Development primarily serves nonprofit organizations without sufficient staffing to develop affordable housing on their own or with certain aspects of existing developments, as needed. The firm also assists municipalities looking to develop affordable housing through a state-approved planned production initiative or other locally-driven development process.

As developers, New Seasons focuses on communities with good job access, solid public schools, and public transportation access points. The most important aspects of the firm’s development work are the environmental and financial sustainability of the housing itself and the way in which it complements the fabric of the surrounding community. Residents of housing built or renovated by New Seasons are selected through an affirmative fair housing marketing process, allowing for people from all walks of life to apply for the housing. 

The firm’s goals are to:

  • develop affordable housing that serves low and moderate income individuals and families
  • develop high-quality, market-rate housing offered at modest prices
  • develop housing that is attractive, appropriate and functional
  • develop housing that is environmentally sustainable